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Black Truffle Abalone Shanghai Cold Noodles


Available from 1 - 31 March 2024



Specially crafted as part of our “Alchemy of Aromas” series, the Black Truffle Abalone Shanghai Cold Noodles combines the robust essence of black truffle with the delicate flavour of abalone to offer an epicurean adventure like no other.

Available exclusively in March 2024, this dish showcases the culinary experience and modern flair of Mimi, inviting patrons to savor an unparalleled dining experience.

「Mimi 餐厅的黑松露鲍鱼上海凉面」承诺带来精致美食体验。将黑松露的浓郁香气与鲍鱼的精致口味相结合,让每一口都成为美味的交响乐。面条精心制作并冷盘上桌,让松露的香气渗透到每一根面条中,打造出丰富的口感和味道。

这道菜品将于 2024 年 3 月期间独家供应,展现了 Mimi 餐厅的烹饪经验和现代风采,邀请食客品味无与伦比的用餐体验。

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