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Secret Menu

Hidden in plain sight and tucked away on the upper floor of The Riverhouse in Singapore, The Dragon’s Den is the perfect dining venue for small and intimate occasions. Decorated with intricate Asian decor and details, it was once the unofficial headquarters for the notorious Ghee Hok Society and rumoured to be a former opium den. 

Every dish mirrors the venue’s former status as the enigmatic backdrop to clandestine meetings, which seeks to convey the secrets, origins, and stories that passed through its doors.


Diners may opt to step out to the private balcony and overlook the Singapore River, located above the bustling alfresco bar, Yin. The expansive oriental windows allow guests to bask in the natural daylight or immerse in the romantic evening ambience while enjoying our Modern Chinese menu.


The Dragon’s Den promises a night to remember. Ideal for gatherings, special occasions and celebrations.

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